XinFin Laural leaf logo covers the Wallet tab 'Error'

Discussion in 'Errors/Bugs' started by CyberKracken, Jun 14, 2017.

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    I have noticed that on the Homepage, & only while holding my IPad mini in landscape mode, that the Company Logo is positioned so that it is covering up the Wallet Tab/Button. I included a screenshot of how the Logo sits over the Wallet Tab/Button as it looks when I am viewing it in landscape mode on a Apple iPad Mini.
    I don't have photoshop or a decent photo editing software on my iPad, but I what I could with the few tools Apple does include as stock.
    The small white square which I circled in Yellow, and pointed to the bug.
    ~ Also, I noticed that there is no where to move that logo that really looks like it flows with the Homepage layout.
    So I included a possible different location to place the logo that works with the homepage layout.
    I would delete all the White color from the logo, leaving the company Name, Gold colored planet, the Star, & the Laural leaf that wraps in a semi circular pattern around the planet.
    First, knock the Opacity down to whatever level looks best.
    Second, enlarge the logo size, and move the logo to the centered location between the two men shaking hands. You may need to offset the men to the left a bit to get the logo to look right being centered with the people. You might try moving the small areas Laural leafs of the logo behind the people's arms. Or use the cutout tool in Photoshop but the opacity has to be brought down a bit to make it work in that spot. Placing it there enlarged, also guides the viewers eyes to the much larger logo and company name.
    Anyone with a better fix, please feel free to throw your idea out there for the graphic designer to try. Which I guess it should be said that you could also move the Wallet Button/Tab to a different location also. image.jpeg

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