Contractors Meet-Up In Gaborone, Botswana

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    A Report on XinFin Meet-Up for Contractors

    On Wednesday Evening, A XinFin Meet-Up for the Botswana Contractors Association took place in Gaborone, Botswana. In fact, I was expecting to host 30-40 businessmen & women but 55 of them turned up.

    This time around, my audience was people who are in infrastructure construction and logistics supply. Many of them are executing contracts and tenders from the state and private institutions. They are therefore privy to the difficulties in accessing funds for such projects.

    The Meet-Up began with the streaming of the XinFin video on the website. It was followed by a brief introduction to Cryptocurrencies and what they offer. When the concept was understood, I explained how XinFin is using the Blockchain to finance infrastructure development and logistics supply by bringing individuals, institutions, governments, financiers, global logistics chains and project managers on one platform with support and incentives backed by XDC tokens.

    Many of them were interested in knowing about some of the projects we have undertaken so far. I, therefore, took them through the Indian villages Water ATM project and they were so fascinated. Others also expressed interest in buying XDC tokens and I took them through the process on the website. However, most of them expressed the difficulties in getting Bitcoin in Harare.

    In fact, the only informal exchange run by the Satoshi Centre is overwhelmed with demand and it is either no BTC or local currency when someone is looking to buy or sell. As I write, the centre has $30,000 BTC order that has not been fulfilled. At the end of the event, 12 people left their names and contacts asking to be helped to purchase XDC worth $2350.

    Therefore, the Association Chairman, Thu, declared his outfit's desire to have a long-term relationship with XinFin during votes of thanks. They are interested in collaborating with us and getting some of their projects to be used as a pilot on our platform.
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    A few clicks from XinFin Meet-Up for Contractors:

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    Awesome. Sounds very promising.

    Infrastructure will development will lead to the rise of the African continent. It's the next investment frontier. Keep us updated.
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    great job. It will open up opportunities for countries in need. Just wondering if there is a way to purchase more tokens before the ICO? Thanks and keep up the great work.
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    Sure, the XinFin team will keep you updated on all the developments on the token XDC.
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    Thanks for your wonderful words. Unfortunately, we are closed for Pre-ICO now but you can wait for ICO that's going to be available to you in the near future. In the meanwhile, feel free to post your feedback and meaningful comments at our open forum Your contribution is highly appreciated :)
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    Thanks for the reply. I purchased some during the pre-ico and will be investing more during the ico. It's a great platform and it will be interesting to see its development in real world applications. thanks again for all your hard work.
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    Great, sure you're always welcome to do that. Thanks for the wonderful words. It will keep us encouraged and motivated throughout the process to not just fulfill but also surpass your expectations :)
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