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XinFin launches bounty programs for community By making great advancements and significantly improving Hybrid Blockchain, XinFin has successfully reached many milestones. Since the very beginning, XinFin Network has been growing rapidly and exponentially. XinFin has launched a Consensus, TestNet — Apothem, XDC Utilities and a completely renovated website — all of which are running optimally. The XinFin team has given some extra attention to project development in the past few months, a little more than normal. Being an open source public Blockchain project, XinFin has secured many approvals and achievements so far from various institutions and development communities, thanks to the community contributors who extended appreciable support during the journey. Keeping the extensive support and contribution in mind, XinFin has decided to introduce several new bounty programs and incentives for community members and contributors. It firmly believes that an open source project is only strong and successful if it has a loyal community. Thus, community contributors should always be incentivized to create an open source project which is developed by the community and for the community. Take a look at the Bounty Programs below and their corresponding incentives. They are specific to certain skill sets: Content Creation There are 3 opportunities for content creation: 100K XDC will be awarded to those who create content related to XinFin’s Existing Platforms or Utilities for Medium/YouTube/Blog/Twitter/GitHub/LinkedIn and share it on social media networks. Content should be a Help File, like a “How To” around XinFin Network. 4.5 million XDC will be awarded to those who write and publish a content piece related to XinFin for online or offline media. For example, TechRadar, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Reuters. 1.5 million XDC will be awarded to those who mention XinFin in a leading digital media. For example, TechRadar, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Reuters. Code Contribution Bounty There are 2 opportunities for technical contributions: 3 million XDC will be awarded to those who write code for XinFin with cross blockchain interoperability. Networks include either the Corda Network, ISO20022 Data Set APIs, ERP Connectors, Core Banking Connectors, or SWIFT System connectors with XinFin Blockchain. The incentive (3 million XDC) is given per interoperability. 1 million XDC will be awarded for staking XDCE tokens and providing resources. The staking function mandates that a participant offers resources to the community service users in order to put up a fraction of their tokens. Read more about these at Github. XinFin Platform/Utility Demo For Partnership Bounty There are 5 opportunities for partnerships and product demonstrations: 2 million XDC will be rewarded for a demo related to a XinFin Utility, Government based Platform or corporate institutions. (ex. BPI France) 2 million XDC will be rewarded for affiliations/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Academic Institutions for a XinFin Blockchain Certification. (ex. SPIT, Stanford etc.) 5 million XDC will be rewarded for forming an institutional alliance between XinFin and Corporations, Government or Regulation alliance. (ex. R3, ADGM, Indian Government, Circle etc) 2 million XDC will be rewarded for a partnership between XinFin and Local Technical Partner based on Utility Creation and implementation. (ex. RAMCO, Sotatek etc) 5 million XDC will be rewarded to conduct PoC / Pilot with a specific utility based around XDC / XDCE with real customers. Local Meet-up Bounty There is 1 opportunity for conducting a meet-up and Hackathon: 500K XDC will be rewarded to conduct a local meet-up with at least 25 people in Asia or 15 people in North America or Europe. (ex. Meetup in Singapore) Local Hackathon Bounty There is 1 opportunity for conducting a meet-up and hackathon: 1 million XDC will be awarded for an offline Hackathon based around XinFin. Problem statement (more than 50 participants are allowed) (ex. Stanford Hackathon) Exchange Listing, Cross Integration, and Liquidity Bounty There are 5 opportunities for XDCe / XDC Top Exchange Listing or Liquidity Arrangement or Adoption of XDC or XDCe by Merchant / E-commerce. For Example: 5 million XDC will be rewarded for the listing of XDC or XDCe with the top 10 exchanges on CoinMarketCap. Here are the Current XDC and XDCe exchange listings and their respective pairings. 3 million XDC will be rewarded for the listing of XDC or XDCe on an exchange that ranks 11–20 on the CoinMarketCap ranking list and the Current XDC and XDCe listing pairs. 3 million XDC will be rewarded for the listing of XDC or XDCe with fiat pairings like EURO, GBP, INR, CNY, JPY etc. 5 million XDC will be rewarded for the listing of XDC or XDCe with any Regulated Exchange in Japan only. 2 million XDC will be rewarded for XDC and XDCe integration with wallets such as MyFreeWallet, BitPay and E-commerce sites like Amazon and Expedia or with Payment processors such as Coinpayment and PayPal. Service must have more than 10,000 active customers. All of the above-mentioned incentives are open until 31st March 2019. Guide / FAQ Do all Bounty plans have validity? Yes. We update bounty programs and their requirements regularly. All updated information is available on XinFin’s Bounty Page. Where can I see the bounty requirements? All information regarding bounty details can be found on XinFin’s Bounty Page. Feel free to contact a community manager on telegram or slack if you have any questions. I am a programmer and I have a Utility application built on XDC? Am I qualified for the bounty? Yes. Please submit your codebase from GitHub and send the pull request to get approval. You are eligible for a bounty program once your application is approved by the bounty committee. The bounty committee will provide reasonable compensation for your efforts as well. How’s the development work evaluated? The bounty manager and committee are responsible for evaluating the development work. This is done on a case-by-case basis and according to the test frameworks/standards. The community might also be included for evaluation in some cases. How to claim a reward? You can claim your reward after making a contribution according to the guidelines on the Bounty Page. Please refer to the ‘Entry Rule’ to make sure that you are qualified. Finally, submit your Bounty Claim. When will I receive my XDC Reward? You will receive your XDC reward after the Bounty Committee completes its review. This generally takes 7–9 working days. After receiving approval, your coins will be transferred to your wallet account. Please note that the Bounty Committee reserves the right to deny a bounty allocation at their discretion. About XinFin: XinFin (XDCE) is an open source hybrid Blockchain platform. XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly-regulated industries and commercially sensitive data. XinFin has standardized distributed applications that include Invoice Factoring, Global Trade and Finance, Instant Remittances, E-wallets, Liquidity Relayers, University Certificate Issuance, Asset Digitization, and Global Air Charter. For more information on XinFin: Visit our website: Follow XinFin: Twitter: @XinFin_Official Telegram: Feel free to discuss your queries with the community manager: Telegram Channel: Slack Channel: Forum:

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